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Hajj packages are designed to sort out all the affairs during the Hajj. People are seeking cheapest Hajj packages in the UK, that is a comprehensive and absolute facility for all the Muslims.

The demand of Hajj packages is increasing. Every year, more people rush to perform the pillar of Islam. We accept the booking from the clients across the UK. Some people demand Five Star Hajj packages in the UK, that has every facility and comfort.

Five Star Package Features

We are our premium partner, helping the Muslims to arrange all matters during Hajj. The five star Hajj package includes

  • Best and modern furnished rooms, on the Masjid al-Haram road. These rooms can accommodate properly with every latest facility.
  • We provide a direct flight to Saudia without any stop in our five star Hajj package.
  • The transportation service right when you land in. You will visit all the Ziyarats and Islamic Masjids in Madina and Makkah.
  • The premium and first class packages also include food and meals. These serving allow the customers to pay a whole attention on achieving the Islamic Goal.

Qurbani is also the essential part of Hajj. In Saudia Arabia, we will arrange these matters. Bismillah Hajj is facilitating for more than 45 years.

Get reasonable Hajj packages at Bismillah Hajj

We have experience of many years to organize detailed and affordable Umrah packages in the UK. The company takes care about all the documentations and legal matters to tickets and hotel reservations. There are discounts and affordable deals at our agency. We connect you with the best international flights, that add more value during the journey.

We are always at your service. Get in touch for Hajj packages and plan your dream trip.

Cheapest Hajj Packages | Affordable five star Hajj Packages UK

Hajj 2019 Non Shifting (Group 2)
Offer Price £6,495.00

Hajj 2019 Non Shifting (Group 2)

Non Shifting Hajj Package
Hajj 2019 Non Shifting  (Group 1)
Offer Price £7,195.00

Hajj 2019 Non Shifting (Group 1)

Hajj 2019 Non Shifting Package with some of the best hotels in both Makkah and Madinah